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Pricing Rules and Discounts

What's the difference between Discounts and Pricing Rules? 

Pricing rules applying automatically, but discount might be given only manually by your employee when he's adding/updating reservation. Also discount applies to total amount including transfer and additions, but pricing rules applies only to accommodation price. Discount might be added on the top of the stay price which already modified by the pricing rule.

If there several pricing rules are applicable how the system will recognize which rule should be used for the price calculation? 

System always takes the best available price based on the given Check-in and Check-out dates.

What Pricing Rules I can setup? 

Last Minute - you can setup the system so it'll give discounted price for all reservations made in less than designated number of hours before check-in. Example: all bookings made in the day of arrival should get 10% discount.

Early Bird - you can setup the system so it'll give discounted price for all reservations made in at least designated number of days before check-in. Example: all bookings made in two or more months before arrival should get 12% discount.

Weekend Price - you can setup special discounted price for stays over weekend. You can select if weekend includes Friday or if that only Saturday and Sunday. Example: all guests who stays from Friday through Sunday should get 10% discount.

Long Stay Rate - additionally to weekly and monthly price you can setup this special discount for bookings made for more than designated number of nights. Example: all guests who stays longer than week will get 15% discount.

Stay X nights pay for Y nights - allows you to setup special "good for promotion" discounts. For example for reservations made for 7 nights guests will pay only for 5 nights (actually it's 28.57% discount, but looks not that good as "pay 5 stay 7").

Can I choose the data range when pricing rules should apply? 

Yes, there is an "Option Time Frame" dropdown and you can optionally select period of booking (e.g. limited time offer - Early Bird rule will be enabled only for bookings made in particular month) or period of accommodation (e.g. special prices for all long stays in low season).

Can I setup pricing rule which will increase base prices in designated conditions, e.g. Last Minute Reservation? 

No, you can't since system always takes best available price such rules will be just ignored.

Can I setup pricing rules only for Suites but not for Double Rooms? 

Yes, you can easily select what pricing rules are available for particular room category or even particular room.

Where and how I can setup pricing rule for a particular room category? 

  1. Click Settings in the main menu
  2. Click Property settings button
  3. Select room category and click edit button
  4. Open Price tab
  5. At the bottom of the pricing table you can find Available Rules section.

Is that possible to setup pricing rules for only selected distribution channel? 

Yes, that's possible. You have to create new Rate and setup Pricing Rules for that rate. After that you can assign that Rate to particular distribution channel.
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