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We do not think it makes sense to charge you for the number of terminals you use nor charge you some high fixed price. We charge based on the real number of units in the system. In this case, a small hotel with 20 rooms will pay only for 20 rooms and not a cent more. In addition, we do not charge for a minimum number of units. So, if your business has just started and you manage only a single apartment, you only pay based on one unit.

You can easily calculate the cost of the system for your usage using the calculator below. Just enter the number of units. By "unit" we mean one room in a hotel or one apartment (cabin, chalet or villa). Please note that connection to Internet Reservation Systems and GDS is a subject to additional fees.

Enter your number of units/rooms:
Cost per unit per day:
Total cost for 21 units for 1 month:
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Pay as you go
Low support cost
Guaranteed uptime
No extra cost or hidden charges for updates
Automatic data backup
IDS/GDS Connection
Multi-Property Internet Booking Engine
Compliant PCI DSS
Starts as low as $ 0.16/day per room
Try the demo and evaluate if it's reasonable
Calculate your own price
Register now and get a PMS setup fee WAIVED!
See what's new in the system.

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