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Multi-Property Internet Booking Engine

Landlord Terminal’s Multi-Property Internet Booking Engine is an ultimate booking solution for hotel chains and property management companies.

Our Multi-Property Internet Booking Engine (MPIBE) is a world class feature loaded booking solution that allows you to deploy your own completely customized comprehensive booking portal for your hotel chain or property management group. Landlord Terminal offers most comprehensive feature set available in today’s marketplace to cover needs of properties of all sizes.
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Embeddable Online Booking Engine

Your hotel’s website is your most profitable sales channel. The Landlord Terminal booking engine will help you convert visitors into guests.

Our booking engine is easy to install, multilingual and can be customized to match your website look and feel. It has a simple user friendly interface and probably one of the best ranges of features on the market place to cover all your needs.
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Channel Management

Boost your occupancy rate and reduce the time and cost it takes to update availability and rates manually. With Landlord Terminal you can now manage all of your online distribution from a single cloud application. Landlord Terminal has direct 2-way connect to world’s leading booking websites: Booking.com, Expedia (Including Venere, Hotels.com and Hotwire), Agoda, Lastminute/Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotelbeds, Airbnb, Wimdu and TripAdvisor. Other booking sites and online travel agencies could be connected via our channel management partners AvailPro, BBLiveRate or Cultuzz.


Property Management System Dashboard
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The Dashboard represents all the important information you need on one screen. An employee with the appropriate security access can immediately see new reservations, urgent tasks and their current status, as well as lists of the most recent check-ins and check-outs and a list of currently available rooms. The employee can filter lists by room type or by property directly at Dashboard. Information at Dashboard is updating in real time without any additional actions of the employees.

Reservation Board

Reservation board - Add reservation
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The Reservation Board is a visual display of a rooms' occupancy status presentation. You can select an available room to make a reservation with just one click. All changes in the rooms’ occupancy are displayed in real time to all your users without any additional clicks. You can quickly find the desired rooms using our powerful filtering system. As you fill in guest Information, the application provides suggestion and prompts to speed up data entry. There is no need to enter the same contact information repeatedly, and information about returned guests and their expenditures is kept more accurately. You can plan tasks for your maintenance staff, etc. related to a reservation because the Workorder Management System is integrated with the Reservation system. For example, you can plan for the required number of drivers and cars/shuttles for the guest transfer well ahead of the check-in date...


Manage workorders - List
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The Workorder Management System displays information about the existing tasks and problems (cleaning, repairs, customer service tasks, etc.) in real-time to the appropriate employees. Using a flexible system of statuses, priorities and reports, you can optimize the site’s workflow to fit with your internal management processes. Our system sends notifications about assigned tasks to appropriate employees. Also, each employee can see a list of his/her assigned tasks and their status on the Dashboard. Because the Workorder module is integrated with the Reservation Board it is impossible to make a reservation for a unit that is under repair.


Manage clients - List
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You can quickly find information about clients, including personal data, contact information and full history of payments using the system’s powerful search system and filters. All data can be saved in CSV format and imported to other popular office applications.


Settings of Property Management System
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You can assign different unit rates for each season, as well as designate special prices for holidays and weekends. Additionally, you can enter in discount codes to change the rate of any particular unit on a particular day. You can also use discount codes to provide loyalty discounts for long-term guests or corporate clients. For specific situations or for special guests, you can assign a custom price.

Also the system supports special pricing rules. You can now setup special discounts for: long stay bookings, early or last minute bookings, stay X nights - pay for Y nights and much more. Each rule can be setup for only a designated stay or booking period if desired.

Payment Processing

The system currently supports Authorize.net (US and Canada) and Wirecard (Europe and Asia). Both systems support all major credit and debit cards. All data from the payment forms is transferred via secure HTTPS protocol. So, your customers’ data is kept safe.

Credit cards can be simply validated and no money charged until the guest checks in/out. Or, if you want to collect a security deposit, our system now handles this functionality. You can charge a percentage of the booking amount or the room price times X nights.


Settings - Inventory - List of units
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The system allows you to manage your inventory via a user-friendly interface. We used an object replication function and data inheritance to save you time the initial inventory data entry. For instance, adding inventory for 80 units of two different types takes only about 30 minutes.


Property Management System Reporting Module
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Using our flexible reporting module, you can display various data for the time periods you specify. You can setup as many reports as you need and schedule when each report will be automatically generated. You determine what fields should be shown, in what order and how the fields can be searched. You can grant or restrict view access to some reports. You can also control who can add new reports or update existing ones.

Additionally all sensitive data actions are logged in real time, so you can easily find who and when data was added or changes. For example, you can easily see who and when a reservation was created, updated or cancelled, a guest checked-in/out, guest folio activities implemented and much more.

Access Levels

Differentiation of authorization for your users is an important part of managing the security of your data. In Landlord Terminal, you will be able to assign each employee an access level which determines what aspects of the system the employee can view and/or edit. For instance, you can allow the junior clerk to check-in and check-out guests, but prohibit him from changing reservations, assigning custom rates or to checking out a guest with a non-zero balance.


The system uses https to transfer data. This is the safest way to handle sensitive data and keep it in your hands. Our servers are located behind complex firewalls that are most likely more robust than what you have on your local computers. In addition, all sensitive data is encrypted in our database. Even if an unauthorized user could access our database, they wouldn't be able to use the data. In fact, our own employees can not see the raw data. System is audited to ensure we are Compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


The database back-up module operates automatically and does not interfere with the system’s users. We believe these back-ups will never be needed, however, you can be confident that your data is saved at an separate server twice per day and old data can be quickly restored to you.

New Features

We are open to your proposals for new features, and we have the resources to implement them. If you need certain functionality and think that it will be useful for other users of the system, inform us, and we will carry out your proposals as quickly as possible. Click to see the list of recently implemented features.
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