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Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

Is the IBE system safe? 

Yes, it's working over the HTTPS protocol so all guest data is secure. Also there is an additional encrypting for the billing data for an extra protection.

How to start? 

  1. Correctly enter all the information and prices for your properties (see Properties and Rates chapter)
  2. Make sure that property has enabled Online Booking option in the "Edit Property" > "Online Booking" tab.
  3. Go to the "Settings" > "Online Booking" and add a new site.
  4. Enter all relevant information. Make sure you have selected property and rate. Also make sure that domain name of your website is entered correctly.
  5. Click "Save and View" button
  6. Get the piece of the HTML code for insertion to your website by clicking on "customize" button beside the "Result Page with Check Availability Form" and copying the code from the "Copy HTML to clipboard" box.
  7. By using any HTML editor put the HTML code without any modifications to one of the pages on your website.

I put the code to my website but getting a Permission Denied error. How to get it working? 

Make sure you have entered domain name correctly. Please note that www.domain.com and domain.com are two different domains from the technical standpoint. Thus if your website uses www prefix that domain should be added separately. To check that domain name is correctly entered go to the "Settings" > "Online Booking" and then check the Trusted Domains column. Your domain(s) must be there. To add/update a trusted domain click to the "Edit" button and then on the appeared page enter the new domain in the "Site URL" section.

Why prices are showing zeros on the Online Booking module? 

  1. Make sure you've selected the rate in the Online Booking settings.
  2. Make sure that selected rate is active (all daily prices are entered for all seasons).

What is the "Standalone Check Availability Form" option for? 

You can take a separate piece of the HTML code and put it, for example, on the main page of your website as a quick way for your visitors to check a room availability.

What is the "Single room/unit booking per page" option for? 

This feature is for clients who already have the website with complete description of their property (apartments, villas, bungalows or chalets). So they can take just the piece of code which brings up the booking abilities, but not including property and services description nor photos.

Can your developers help with the Online Booking system integration? 

Yes, just contact us and our developers will help with the integration. We are not charging any additional fees for such services.

Is that possible to charge security deposit at the moment of reservation? 

Yes, it’s possible. You could setup security deposit as a percentage of the booking amount or as the room price times X nights or as a fixed amount. As a first step to setup security deposit make sure you have correctly setup payment processing system for your property in the "Settings" > "Property" > "Select Hotel" > "Payment Processing" tab. After you done with payment processing system go to the "Pricing Rules" tab of the property settings and in the "Rates" section you can find "Security Deposit" column.
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